MOMENTUM offers a full service platform to host your design needs and goals. From mural painting to website design, we pride ourselves on a firm respect for personal direction and aesthetic, with quality and reputation being paramount.
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    Momentum Collab helped us with some set design/mural painting for a TV show we are producing. They brought a lot of great design elements to the table, and got the job done quickly and within our budget. It turned out better than we could have imagined. Thanks again!

    Transmitter Productions

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    I would like to say some nice things about Uriel Leon and Momentum. I remember when we first met at Hot Spots in Santa Barbara, CA. He over heard me talking to some one about making my flyers. He eventually walked over to me and introduced himself. I’m so glad that he did. He really does a wonderful job, his work is outstanding. My flyers look so good, everyone always asks about who makes them. He’s the best in town.
    Thank you.

    Sandra Labrim . (-:

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    Momentum has been extremely helpful and provided excellent service for my company in creating the graphic art designs for various signed musical artists apart of my record company and in the designing of flyers for the expansion of my company’s recognition. I do sincerely believe that i could not have found such a gregarious and effective working team of individuals to do the artistic graphic design services which my company needed done so beautifully. I highly recommend Momentum in all aspects of their work for other individuals and companies who need such services. They are not only effective and blessedly skilled in their fields of knowledge on various graphic design techniques, but are also wonderful and friendly people as well to have the pleasure of associating with.

    Lucas G. Brown


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